Handmade Floral Rosary from Jerusalem
Floral Beaded Rosary with Crucifix
Glass Stone Beads Rosary
 Blessed Rosary from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher
Rosary with Virgin Mary Medals
Jesus Crucifix Floral Rosary
Handmade Rosary Necklace with Floral Beads
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Handmade Floral Rosary from Jerusalem - Blessed & Crafted by Local Artisans

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Experience the divine connection to Jesus and Jerusalem with our exquisite Handmade Floral Rosary. Each bead of this rosary is a testament to the devotion and craftsmanship of local Christian artisans from the Old City of Jerusalem. Blessed in the sacred Church of the Holy Sepulcher, this rosary is more than just a religious article; it is a conduit for prayers, faith, and blessings.

Crafted with high-quality glass stone beads, each 8mm round bead is adorned with delicate floral patterns, symbolizing the beauty of creation and the blooming of faith. The rosary chain, measuring approximately 31.5 inches, features intricately designed Virgin Mary medals and a finely detailed Jesus crucifix, made from durable alloy to prevent corrosion and ensure longevity.

This rosary is not only a powerful tool for devout prayers but also a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be worn around the neck, serving as a constant reminder of one's faith and connection to the Holy Land. Its size and design make it suitable for various occasions, from daily prayers to special ceremonies such as first communions, baptisms, and weddings.


  • Material: Alloy, Glass Beads
  • Color: As shown in pictures
  • Total Beads Chain Length: 800mm / 31.50in
  • Pendant Total Length: 190mm / 7.48in
  • Bead Diameter: 8mm / 0.32in
  • Cross Size: 35x60mm / 1.38x2.36in, 20x30mm / 0.79x1.18in
  • Weight: 82g (approx.)
  • Virgin Mary medals and Jesus crucifix made of high-quality alloy
  • Handmade by local Christian artisans in Jerusalem

Embrace this beautiful Handmade Floral Rosary and let it bring peace, comfort, and a profound sense of spiritual connection into your life. Whether for personal use or as a cherished gift, this rosary is a symbol of faith, devotion, and the everlasting bond with the Holy Land.

  • Decades: 8mm Green African Turquoise beads with Nickel seed beads
  • OF sections: 10mm Antique Silver colored Cross beads with Nickel seed beads 
  • Full Rosary: 16.75" (L)
  • Silver oxidized 2" (H) crucifix and 1" (H) centerpiece 
  • Made in Italy